Olive oil with omega-3, Natural

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ENRICHED extra virgin olive oil with omega-3

  • Healthy and tasty oils
  • One of the market's most traceable products!
  • MSC certified

Omega-3 for the whole family! 
Instead of traditional supplements, we have developed first-class products that can be easily used in your daily diet. Put away capsules and cod liver oil - we offer healthy, natural and tasty oils that you can add to the food you like best!

Let us inspire you too recipes where this oil fits particularly well.


Organic extra virgin olive oil from Terra Creta, from the northwestern part of Crete. CodMarine from Pharma Marine which is produced by the sustainable cod stock in the Barents Sea. The oil is flavored with natural basil aroma. Contents: 250 ml. Mixing ratio: 65% olive oil and 33% cod oil..

See the ingredient list on the product for more information. See picture above.


Unopened bottle is stored at room temperature or colder. Opened bottle is stored in the refrigerator with the cap closed for up to 60 days. The oil may precipitate (become cloudy) at low temperatures, this disappears after a short time at room temperature. The oil should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

General information

ENRICHED is used in cold dishes, should not be heated.

1 teaspoon of ENRICHED daily on food will help maintain normal heart, brain and eye health.

Read about all the health effects HERE


Terra Crete

Terra Creta was founded in 2001 by knowledgeable and visionary entrepreneurs from Crete. Since then, they have won a number of awards for their exquisite olive oils. They collaborate with over 1000 farm owners and have developed and built a state-of-the-art production facility in Kolymavari in the northwestern part of Crete. Traceability, strict routines in line with EU regulations and quality at all levels provide olive oil of the highest quality.

Pharma Marine

Pharma Marine was founded by contractor Leif Kjetil Gjendemsjø in 2007. The factory is located on Terøya, among beautiful mountains and fjords on Sunnmøre. High-quality omega-3 oils are produced there from various sustainable raw materials such as cod from Norway.

Pharma Marine's knowledgeable and innovative team produces tasty and healthy oils for customers all over the world.

ENRICHED is produced by Pharma Marine AS for ENRICHED Food AS.

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