Here we have gathered information and the links to reference pages so that you can read more if you wish.


LHL recommends omega-3

Omega-3 can have a beneficial effect on the activity of the heart and give a positive change in the fat composition in the blood. Omega-3 helps you maintain a healthy heart and a healthy circulation


Norwegian Directorate of Health - Pregnant women


Global organization for EPA and DHA omega-3s


Seafood Norway: Safe to eat 5g of fish oil daily!

In July 2012, the European Scientific Committee EFSA published the attached report which concludes that a daily dose of 5 g of omega-3 dietary supplements (EPA + DHA) is safe.


EFSA: (European Food Safety Authority) SCIENTIFIC OPINION


LOVDATA Permitted health claims

Regulations on nutrition and health claims on foodstuffs


World Health Organization

Conclusions and Recommended dietary requirements for n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid intake

Efsa: Scientific opinion on the substantiation of health related to EPA and DHA


Seafood Norway: Sustainable stocks:


Institute of Marine Research Why is omega-3 importantg?

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