Sustainable cod oil from Norway

Sustainability is an important part of our vision in Enriched Food. We believe that we must take care of the resources we have around us and utilize all of what we harvest from nature. In this way, we will be able to create quality products for both you and future generations.
We are proud to say that our cod oil (omega-3) is only from residual raw material from the food production of sustainable Norwegian fisheries. Thus, we contribute to the whole fish being used.

Local shipping company
ENRICHED is produced by Pharma Marine, which is the sister company of Enriched Food. Pharma Marine cooperates with 7 fishing boats(CodMarine Fleet) which makes the cod oil. On board the fishing boats, they take out the fillet and make the crude oil within 6 hours after the fish has been fished. The oil is sent to Pharma Marine on Terøy in Haram municipality, while the last residual raw material that is then left goes to the production of fishmeal.
Pharma Marine's environmentally friendly plant uses residual fractions to produce steam for use in production. Residual heat from production is further used to heat the office premises. In addition to this, seawater, which is fetched right outside the factory, is used for cooling in various processes. The ultra-modern control system ensures optimal adjustment of production parameters to reduce the use of energy.
For more information see Pharma Marine's Websites.  


Sustainability certifications

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
Sustainability certification The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is often referred to as the gold standard when it comes to seafood certifications. We are very proud that our cod oil has received this certification and that we therefore have the blue fish on all our products!



To obtain the certification, these three points must be in place and documented:

1. Sustainable fish stocks
Fishing must be at a level that ensures that it can continue indefinitely and that the fish stock can remain productive and healthy.
2. Minimize the environmental impact
What are the effects of fishing Fishing must be managed carefully and with care so that other species and habitats in the ecosystem remain healthye
3. Efficient fisheries management
If the fishery is well managed, MSC-certified fisheries must comply with applicable laws and be able to adapt to changing environmental conditions..

Want to know more about MSC
VisitMSC's websites.


Organic extra virgin olive oil

For more than 2,000 years, the Greeks have grown and subsisted on olives. Sustainable harvesting and production are therefore important. Most olive trees are owned by families where the trees are inherited through generations.
When the olives are harvested, they are transported directly to Terra Creta where they are produced on the same day as olive oil. Olive oil is natural and 100% traceable. No water or other additives are used during the production of the olive oil. What is left over after the olive oil production is used in by-product so that everything that is harvested is used. The factory's lights and ventilation run on solar energy. This makes the product very sustainable.

Forest Stewardship Council
FSC is the quality label for sustainable forestry, ie forestry that meets strict requirements with regard to ecological, social and economic aspects. The routines guarantee traceability of paper consumption through all links in the chain. This is called the CoC (Chain of Custody) and is controlled by an external certification body.
We assure our customers that both the processes and the fiber raw materials are sustainable. Enriched Food AS's supplier of boxes, Smurfit Kappa, has FSC Chain of Custody.



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