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Omega-3 has never tasted better!

Now you can get the important and complex Omega-3 fatty acids without any effort. ENRICHED extra virgin olive oil is made from sustainable raw materials, and is enriched with high quality Omega-3.

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ENRICHED organic extra virgin olive oil with omega-3

Throughout life, omega-3 is essential for your body to function optimally. ENRICHED makes it easy for the whole family to get enough omega-3 so that you achieve health benefits through your diet.

We believe that better health contributes to increased quality of life, which is why we combine cod oil with olive oil in a completely new product; ENRICHED organic extra virgin olive oil with omega-3. Both of these oils have health-promoting properties and have been known as natural mainstays for generations in their respective cultures.

Important for the development and maintenance of the brain

Good for the heart and can provide reduced resting heart rate as well as lower risk of cardiac arrhythmias and blood clots.

Important for the development and maintenance of eyes and eyesight

Important for maintaining a healthy triglyceride level

Important to maintain normal blood pressure

Improves Omega-3 - The Omega-6 balance that is important in preventing inflammation in the body


We believe that we must take care of the resources we have around us and utilize all of what we harvest from nature. In this way, we will be able to create quality products for both you and future generations!


We at Enriched Food want to be transparent and have therefore given you as a customer the opportunity to trace our products all the way back to the fishing boat and to the olive grove!

Documented health effect

ENRICHED contains the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which according to EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) have documented a positive effect on, among other things, heart, brain and eye health.


Linda Marie Stuahug 

Food Blogger - Author with a passion for healthy and nutritious food

"ENRICHED are products I use in cooking because it is easy, healthy and good. It is also a simple and tasty way to meet the body's need for omega-3. It does not get better!"


Ole Christian Skogen

Chef - Klippfiskakademiet

"Exciting and innovative product. Easy to add to various cold dishes,
with healthy and good results! "

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